Tobacco Control Discussion

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In public health and policy advocacy, tobacco control is a rich resource for publications on tobacco control policy advocacy and health communication. Yet, tobacco use is still one of the most preventable causes of death and disability worldwide. For this discussion board students will review tobacco-related resources and describe effects.

In your primary post, respond to the following, using complete sentences:

a) Many in the position of the Surgeon General of the United States have each issued “Surgeon General” reports, but the report of 1964 is hailed as one of the most significant public health reports in history. Review the summary & history of the 1964 Surgeon General Report: Then, review this graph: and notice the steep decline in smoking after that report.

  • Why might this report have “turned the tide” of smoking? Describe.
  • What effect might this report have had on policy makers? Describe.

b) Then, review the RWJF document: Major Tobacco-Related Events in the United States (

  • Identify and describe two advocacy or policy milestones that most interested you. Discuss how each may have impacted tobacco consumption and describe why you think it had that effect.
  • What populations do you think these changes impacted most significantly and why?


  • You are required to use at least TWO sources from the textbook, government reports, peer-reviewed journal articles or textbooks. Use your OWN WORDS (e.g., do not cut and paste from a government report or article).
  • Paraphrase (use your own words) to report the information.
  • Include APA formatted in-text citations to identify your sources AND include full APA formatted references for your sources at the end of your post.


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