Tommy Hilfiger Sustainable Packaging

Tommy Hilfiger Sustainable Packaging

Your answers should consist a total of:

o 2-3 pages of writing describing your project (introduction, main body, conclusion, and 3-4 citations required) 1.5 space, APA for citations

Especially in this era of online shopping, a lot of clothing stores ship their products wrapped in excess plastic that takes forever to break down and are only used once.

For apparel companies, they can use the scraps of textiles that are left over from the clothing and make it into packaging for their products. Even going as far as turning the textile packaging into something that the consumer can reuse like a bag, etc.

Find out all the details and research on how sustainable packaging is and if it is possible. The goal is to minimize the use plastic in the packaging and substitute plastic with materials that is more decompose, recycles and reusable.


-What is sustainable packaging? (Info. about the concept/ intro)

-Does any companies have sustainable packaging? (If so, what is the process of the packaging?)

-How does the packaging look like/ What is it made of ? (sustainable materials)

-What does it reduce/ conserve? (water, plastic, emissions, etc)

-How would it look if most companies uses sustainable packaging? (globally/ on a bigger scale)

Each point would be a paragraph, answer the question with a paragraph with citations.


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