Training, New Information System, & Evaluation


Training, New Information System, & Evaluation

The healthcare organization provides information systems to each level of management in the right form, at the right time, and in the rights place. This provision ensures that decisions are made efficiently and effectively. The health information system plays a pivotal role in initiating, planning, organizing, and controlling hospital operations, thus facilitating synergistic organization. Given the benefits of health information systems, training is required to achieve the best patient care, including improved quality, reducing cost, and facilitating efficient delivery of services. Training should include critical factors vital for the successful implementation of information systems and offer specific formulas and guidelines (Sligo et al., 2017). Also, training should include the socio-technological approach, which is vital in providing specific formulas. Examples of specific formulas provided during the training include the attempt to place the health systems with a predictable and standardized context of information technology systems.

The critical factors during the training focus on delivering concepts such as usability, organizational structure, leadership, and technical support. Consequently, the socio-technical approach provides specific factors for success and uniquely examines each situation to create an environment for enhanced change, thus promoting successful implementation. Additionally, training should pay more attention to the usability of the information system. Time and monetary investment are vital for the staff to adequately learn how to use the information systems (Sligo et al., 2017). Sufficient time on information system usability enables healthcare personnel to integrate it into their unique setting.

Furthermore, there is a need for on-site support and follow-up training to ensure that users that have a different level of computer users are comfortable with the software. Additionally, it is important to include internal sources for technical assistance for those who have a better and quicker understanding of the new information system. Similarly, this understanding of specific members of staff will ensure continuous training is available for staff with a slower level of understanding.

Training should also focus on user satisfaction. Notably, end-user satisfaction is vital for the successful implementation of information systems. Individual differences must be addressed since it is believed that the information system’s failure is chiefly due to organizational and psychological issues rather than technological issues. Furthermore, during the training, it is important to examine user satisfaction. This involves examining aspects such as interface satisfaction, content satisfaction, organization satisfaction, and personal aspect such as likes and dislikes of the system (Sligo et al., 2017). Also, regular training with updated knowledge can help in promoting satisfaction and improving job performance.

Since nurses form the highest population among healthcare personnel, they have a role in evaluating the information systems on a regular basis. In addition to evaluation, the nurse can provide necessary information to promote knowledge, promote better health information systems in the future, and guarantee a more efficient information system. One aspect nurses should evaluate is the technology factor (Lee, 2016). Technological aspects include structural qualities of the software (usability), hardware (system availability), and system functionality.

Another component is the social factor, where nurses should evaluate how the information affects the interaction with other healthcare providers and also the patient. For instance, while a nurse may use online documentation, physicians may resist applying the system in front of the patient due to poor familiarity with the system (Lee, 2016). Finally, timing is an important aspect during evaluation since it enables nurses to determine the amount of time the system has been used and whether the system needs to be improved due to current technology.


In the company I work for we are currently in the transition phase into electronic medical records (EMR). We are presently working on paper charting and documentation. During this transition process there has been intermittent training on the already developed part of the EMR. There are current training modules on our company education and training website. This where employees can access any course related to the upcoming roll out of our EMR system. Because this is a new process for us, and we are not currently using electronic medical records the company has put an entire program surrounding the implementation of the program. They have already involved nursing into the development process and currently have nursing involved in finalizing different systems and processes. They have organized a group of individuals in every facility called superusers of two to three people who will be able to assist other staff in the use of the system during roll out season this coming August 2021. So much thought and energy has been put into this system and because of the specialty of our work with the large number of clients we serve this will impact the way we do our work now.

Outside of our upcoming amazing EMR system we do have electronic reporting system that we do use in correlation with our documentation called OBIS. It is like the old das systems and it is difficult or should I say impossible to hack. We work with high profile individuals and having a system that is fail safe and phishing proof is vital to our operations. We work closely with other entities that use this system as well which is very important to put vital information in without violating HIPPA regulation (Nelson & Staggers, 2014). The information entered in this system follows the patient all over the state of Florida, but it does not cross over to any other state. This recording system helps keep track of the patients’ appointments and the appointments the patient already had.

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