Transposons Questions

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Lecture 19:

1. Assume you have two cell-free transposition systems for a yeast Ty element (retrotransposon) and a vertebrate Tc1/mariner element (DNA transposon), respectively. What effect would the following inhibitors have on these two systems, and why?

(a) Inhibitors of translation.

(b) Inhibitors of transcription.

(c) Inhibitors of double-stranded DNA replication.

(d) Inhibitors of reverse transcription.

2. How can the fact that some genes contain introns be exploited to test whether or not a transposon moves through an RNA intermediate?

3. Explain the statement: The presence of transposons can lead to mutation either by transposition or through homologous recombination.

4. About 40% of the human genome is represented by transposable elements. How is genome stability maintained?

5. How can transposable elements be used to identify enhancers? Design an experiment to identify enhancers in the mouse model system.


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