Understanding Collective Bargaining Coordination

Understanding Collective Bargaining Coordination

The Group is “Local H-56 Bargaining Team.” Go to The Zinnia website (Links to an external site.). Click on the “corporate intranet pages” link. Enter the code “Justice” at the bottom left and then click on “Go” to access the Local H-56 Bargaining Team Internal Memos. Read the “Rank and File Survey” to answer questions

1. Of what value is the “Rank and File Survey” to the Bargaining Team since the survey is “informal”? What is the next step the Bargaining Team should take concerning the survey?

2. Does the Bargaining Team plan to use “Pattern Bargaining” during the upcoming negotiations? What is “Pattern Bargaining?” Is it a viable option?

300 words per question

APA with two web based scholarly references per question.

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