Usability Tests

Usability Tests

Design a usability test to conduct usability testing on a device or equipment used on daily basis ( It can be: a tape recorder, TV, Desktop, Automatic Washing Machine, Fax/Scanner/Copy Machine, Electrical Panel 20 Am, 110V, Food Mixer, or Dishwasher.


1.- Make sure that the device has the following component: Electrical Charger or electrical connection to charge, Control Panel to input a task, and Programmable Device to accomplish a task. Make sure that you can obtain an electronic and electrical diagram for the device, and if the device requires any program to run the process.

2.- This is the first phase of your project, you will be using the same device for phases 2 and 3.

Pick a specific device to evaluate and design a usability test for this device.

Reference Chapter 5 Evaluation and the User Experience for assistance in designing the test.  Design your test to accommodate the Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design from section 3.3.4. Explain how your test will evaluate the user experience in regard to the Eight Golden Rules.


There should be 5 -7 pages in the body of the paper with a minimum of 10 references.  7th Edition APA formatting and required with appropriate headings to each section. The section must be the same as presented in the table of content.

Paper structure:

1.- title page

2.- Abstract

3.- Table of Content

4.- Body:

4.1.- Introduction

4.2.- Literature Review

4.3.- Analysis

4.4.- Recommendation

4.5.- Conclusion

5.- List of References


Use the APA-Sample-Formatted-Paper to submit your work.

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