UTI Case Scenario

Practicum Case Scenario/ Study The following outlines general instructions for case scenario/study submission. Please remember not to include any HIPPA information. Concerns and questions related to care should be included. Include references to treatment plans using APA format You can use https://nurseslabs.com/ or your choice. Completion of the case study counts toward the practicum experience. Case studies are expected to be a minimum of 500 words, detailed and comprehensive.

· In this case this patient is a 52 year old female who came in to be seem for c/o of burning sensation during voiding (urinating), frequency with urination and unable to hold urine when it is time to urinated. The Diagnosis will be UTI and will be treated with antibiotic. The patient has history of HTN and Diabetes.

Please follow the outline as below when submitting your case study:

NURSING 2021 Case Scenario/Study

Student Name:

Submission Date:

Case Study:

Patient Initials, Age, Gender

Subjective information from patient (History of Present Illness/Symptoms)

Current Medications

Medical History – Medical Problems

Objective findings from physical examination

Vital Signs, Weight, Height, BMI

Focused examination findings based on diagnoses being addressed.


ICD-10 Diagnosis (include ICD-10 code) for contact dermatitis.

Nursing Diagnoses https://nurse.org/resources/nursing-diagnosis-guide/

Or https://nurseslabs.com/


Care Plan based on diagnosis.

Include specific nursing care planning for patient to include.

Potential issues with achieving quality, comprehensive care.

Information on best practice care considerations.

Care outcomes from current treatment

Possible side effects of medications or treatments

Patient education planning/instructions

Care outcomes

Plans for follow-up to review response to treatment.

References: APA format must be with in the last 5 years.

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