Value of diverse perspectives

Value of diverse perspectives in the process of innovation


To start, watch the video below…
Connected: The amazing power of social networks and how they shape our lives”

Explain the value of diverse perspectives in the process of innovation.
How is this related to the concept of strong versus weak ties?
Why do most large organizations seem to have trouble coming up with and implementing innovations?
If you were running a large organization, how would you make sure that innovative thinking was not only “safe,” but encouraged? Why is it important to make it “safe to fail”? (See Slide 5 in lesson 3 PPT)

In addition to the course readings and lectures (which you may cite along with other sources), you should use LIRN to find at least one additional article related to this topic. One is provided for you (Russel and Russel [1992] in the Readings for Lessons 3 and 4.

The full reference is as follows (Click on Link below):

Takahashi, S. (2015, March). Play this word game to come up with original ideas.


The paper should be 6-8 pages long. It should include at least 4 citations, using APA rules. Use 12-pt Times New Roman font and upload it here to your Canvas platform. Be sure to view the rubric to see how your paper will be graded. (see rubric in the first document PAPER ASSIGNMENT 1)

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