Ventilators Associated Complications in Covid 19 Patients

write 800 – 900 words based on the instructions

The topic given to me by my professor is: ventilator associated complications in COVID-19 patients.

The PICOT question is: does daily oral care decrease the risk for ventilator associated pneumonia in elderly COVID-19 patients that require mechanical ventilation?

The purpose of this paper is do describe the search strategies I used to find 2 articles for my topic. To find the references use this website:


2 references

3 pages in APA format

describe the topic, present the PICOT question, describe purpose of paper, and describe you search strategy

If you want more information on what a PICOT question is, this website can help.

I already came up with one to make it easier on you, but if you want to elaborate on it you can 😊

My professor told me to focus on the search strategies used to find the articles and the article

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