Victims of Addiction Service

 Victims of Addiction Service


this assignment is for a service learning in a class the service learning was in (Root center for recovery) (recovery from addiction) I spend 6 hours there divided in 3 days to help them. I was supposed to do 8-12hrs but due to coronavirus it got canceled.

the first day I organized the supply closet (papers, pins, clips …etc)

the second day I called different company asking them for donation to the organization donut and coffee and cops.

the third day there was nothing to do pretty much but I copied some papers and prepared them.

I need 1-2 pages reflection paper for my bioethics class

the instructions:

  1. Over the course of the semester, you’ll spend 8-12 hours at New Roots, working alongside staff, clients, and families and supporting the day- to-day operation of the Center. In addition to the time you spend at New Roots, you’ll keep a journal in which you describe what you’re doing, reflect on the things you learn about addiction and the challenges faced by persons in recovery, and note questions your experience raises.

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