Volunteer State Community College Innovation Management Case Study

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Assignment #8

Read the Case study “Launching innocent into the Growing Fruit Smoothie Market” in Chapter 14. Answer the following questions:

1. (2-3paragraphs) Innocent followed a very traditional new product development approach as described in Fig 14.9, but let’s change it up a bit. Recreate the Product Development of Innocent using one of the other Models of New Product Development on pgs 503-508. Pick one and describe what activities would be taking place to bring Innocent to market based on the information in the case. There is a little bit of creativity here. The main thing is to demonstrate using the information provided in the Innocent case that you understand the alternative model.

2. The software industry seems to have a very flexible NPD process enabling changes be made to the product at any time (Agile). What is an industry where this approach could also be applicable and how so? (Do not use the industries already discussed in the textbook including car manufacturing or mobile handsets)

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