Vulnerable Population

In the article Survey identifies key ethical dilemmas there are several factors the point to an ethical dilemma. List 3 of them.

Referring to the same article, list 3 institutional barriers that prevent ethical dilemmas from being resolved.

Referring to the article Survey identifies key ethical dilemmas, list 3 approaches to assist nurses in dealing with ethical issues.

In the video Nursing Ethics what are some of the situations that can cause a nurse to feel moral distress?

After reading the article;

Ethical issues with medical errors, how did you feel when you read Sarah’s story?  Could this happen to any of us?

, Don’t be afraid to give prison nursing a try, Do you think it is safer for a nurse to work in a prison or a hospital and why?

, Ethical issues with medical errors, what did you learn that typically causes medical errors?

After reviewing the posted power point on Criminal Profiling, what do you think is the role of the forensic nurse?

Referring to the same power point on Criminal Profiling what famous case in the 1950’s brought criminal profiling to the attention of the public?

What do you think has caused the need for an increase in Forensic nurses in the US?

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