Was the Roman Gladiator an Athlete Questions

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Was The Roman Gladiator an Athlete”? Your questions for consideration in discussion are;

1. How does Roman Stoicism with its emphasis on “virtue” tie in with the concept of the Roman gladiator as a true athlete? and

2. To what extent does the emphasis on entertainment dictate certain professional sports we see today? How far are we removed from the Roman obsession with spectacle today?

3.Using your *EDI lens, I want you to share with the class a unique finding that you did not know about the history of sport and kinesiology in Canada that you will share with the class. Make sure your discovery comes from our assigned readings in this unit and make sure to cite your source as well as include the page number or web link.

* Underrepresented groups or individuals include minority positioned disadvantaged populations (as opposed to dominant populations) including those that are black, indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC), women, LGBTTQQI2S+, socio-economically marginalized, differently abled, invisibly challenged, aged, migrants, spiritually visible, and others who self-identify their minority position visavis the dominant groups.

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