Weekly Clinical Practicum Activity Summary/Reflection Log

Clinical Practicum Activity Summary/Reflection Log

Weekly Clinical Practicum Activity Summary/Reflection

NURS 591L Weekly Clinical Practicum Activity Summary/Reflection Log

Weekly practicum activity summaries and reflections to be submitted for review are to be typed, grammatically correct, and error free.

Weekly practicum activity summaries should include:

  1. Stated weekly focus and learning objectives.
  2. Summary of planned or completed activities.
  3. Discussion of technology, evidence-based practice, and other advanced practice role implementation issues studied during the week.
  4. Reflection on the week’s learnings and implications for your own nursing practice.

Students will receive feedback from faculty regarding their weekly personal learning objectives, activities, and reflections. The purpose of weekly clinical practicum activities and summaries is to expose the MSN nursing student to advanced practice roles and their effect on health care.

Template for Weekly Practicum Activity Summary


Directions: Submit a three- to five-page summary of each week’s activities using the template below. If an interview is conducted, also attach the list of interview questions used.

Week #_     Focus: Process of evaluation of change project

1.     My personal learning objectives this week (list):


a. Process of evaluation of change project

b.  Develop Education material (flyer) for New Enfit Nasogastric tube equipment’s

2.     Summary of planned/completed activities:

I planned with my clinical preceptor to meet total care center (cancer center) nurse navigator, she will be my mentor for change project. I was able to discussed with her regarding my change project which I am doing for uninterrupted cancer patient education (oncology education). She introduced me that from the beginning which how the patient admitted , how to received order, how to treat with chemo medication,


Discussion of issues identified and studied this week

: Include two or more citations from relevant literature using APA 6th ed. format.I identified issues from clinical site that my mentor trying to fix the problem for when nurse received order from the doctor’s office regarding that patient’s cancer medication but there’s some question that quite not understanding that why doctor prescribed under dose medication instead of from the manufacture. Nurse one that who received order and she is not questioned and kept telling the nurse navigator that that’s not her job. She was very disrespectful to her and kept telling her that that’s not her job. As a nurse, we never say that that’s not my job because we are dealing with patient’s life and patient care. It is important that when you received that first dose of chemo medication then we have to be very careful to start. We have to making sure everything has to be perfect before start treatment.

4.     Reflection on your own learning for the week and implications for your nursing practice:

I will imply to my nursing practice that I identified problem from other nurse attitude which is not an appropriate, we should not do that at all when we are taking care of our patient.  We should not say that thats not my job, or I dont know. She should not say that because thats her patient, what if patient goes wrong then it is your responsibility.

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