What is Philosophy

What is Philosophy


  • Watch the Video below. It is a good introduction to philosophy.
  • You must respond to all the four prompts listed and give at least 2 examples.
  • The assignment is to be 1 page in length (approx. 325 words) using standard 12″ font size with 1.5 spacing.
  • You may use bullet lists sparingly for only part of your essay.
  • Since this is a graded assignment, look at the Rubric below for the criteria that will be used to grade the assignment.


  • What is Philosophy?
  • List & discuss the three major branches and their definitions for Philosophy; (Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Ethics).
  • Discuss the two major types of arguments used and their differences; (Deductive and Inductive reasoning). Give an example for each type to illustrate the difference.
  • Define the following technical terms discussed in the video; (Skepticism, Relativism, Empiricist, Rationalist, Divine Command Theory).

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