What Is the Role of The Corporate World Discussion

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CHOOSE A TOPIC: Write a 2-page (500-word) concept paper with the title in the form of a question, a paper which clearly describes a social movement that you want to research. (Use the introductory notes and this Wiki page to get some ideas of what movements you might choose from). Narrow your topic as specifically as possible and discuss how the movement is related to the experience of its participants as well as how a sociologist might use one or another social theory to understand the movement (see Week 1 notes, readings). Briefly discuss how the movement meets the definition of having a motivation, becoming organized, and the level of social transformation it seeks. What type of movement is it (see Week 1 notes, readings)? The paper should clarify its relevance to you, the main question that is important to you, a thesis statement regarding the main idea about how you want to discuss the movement (this should be summarized as the title question for your paper), and briefly discuss where you might find sources of information to answer your research question and clarify your thesis question.

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