Who Am I Called To Be In Light Of My Obligations To Human And Other Life On The Planet?

Activity 3: Essay – Who am I Called to Be in Light of My Obligations to Human and Other Life on the Planet?


Image of journal iconThis learning activity will ask you to discern the ways in which your own identity and vocation are intertwined with your responsibilities to other life on the planet.


Please write a paper that reflects on your answers to the following questions:

· In which ways this week did you observe (or discover) that all life on the planet is interconnected? do you feel that, as a human, you play some role in maintaining the balance that exists in our larger world?

· Based on your thoughts in the two proceeding questions, what do you now feel (or, continue to feel) are your own responsibilities to human and other life on the planet? Does this responsibility become a part of your identity or vocation? How so, or how not?

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