Why Has War Become Less Common Than in the Past

Why Has War Become Less Common Than in the Past

All instructions and essay questions are included in the attached pdf


Essay topics:

  • Why has war become less common than in the past? What has civil (intrastate) war become more common than interstate war?
  • Is ‘anarchy what states make of it’? Is war between the United States and China inevitable?
  • Have we reached ‘the end of history’? Is liberal democracy a force that is leading to and sustaining a more peaceful world?
  • Has the world been better off under a global capitalist system? Are multinational corporations (MNCs) a positive or negative force in the global political economy?
  • Why has humanitarian intervention become a norm and practice in an international system based on sovereign states, non-interference and the non-use of force?
  • Does the global economy’s dependence on oil make any meaningful limiting of carbon emissions impossible?

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