Writing Methods & Mock Research Instruments Discussion

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continue working on the attached project (add 1200 words more – based on the instructions below)

also, add 8 or 9 more references from the attached bibliography and cite in text

journal 7:Describe your sampling designs, methods and inclusion and exclusion criteria of your mock research project.

journal 8 : What instruments are currently available to measure your variables? What constructs does each instrument measure? Describe reliability and validity of the instrument. How does a researcher obtain these instruments? Is there copyright? What is the cost?

journal 9: List the study procedures of your mock project

journal 10 : What data analysis techniques match your mock research project?

“Research Proposal”

Each journal you complete is a step towards your final proposal. Using these journals, each student will design a research project and write a mock report. The report will include:

  • a statement of the problem being investigated, including the research question and hypothesis
  • a literature review
  • methodology
  • implications of results and suggestions for future research questions

Correct APA style must be followed. A minimum of 12 professional references must be used.

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