Zoonotic Diseases Spillover Zika Ebola & Beyond Video Reflection Discussion

I’m studying for my Biology class and need an explanation.


  1. Introduce and summarize the video and the COVID-19 informational website. What general topic is being reflected upon? What are emerging zoonotic diseases? From where do they emerge? Which ones did the video discuss? Then, summarize the disease or aspect of the video that is relevant to your reflection point.
  2. Reflect upon ONE aspect of the video/information provided that interested youWhat is the significance of this information? How does this information impact you or others in the past, present, and/or future? In your reflection you should explain your reasoning (do not simply state what you think but also WHY) and discuss specific examples that support your ideas. Examples should be taken from the video but may also be taken from other sources.
  3. Clearly state your conclusion(s) and the reasoning behind your conclusion(s).
  4. Your paper must be at least 2 pages and no more than 3 pages with 1-inch marginsdouble-spaced, and 12-point font (name, date, title, etc. not included in length).

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