Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

Your company has put together a brand new team of individuals and has named you as supervisor. Your direct reports consist of a group of Generation Zeros. You have decided that instead of banning cell phones at work, you would like to manage and set goals about how they are used.

please answer the following scenarios/prompts:

●  What kinds of rules will you set for your team to help them understand what acceptable cell phone use at work is ?

●  Are there any creative ways they can use their cell phones to actually get more work accomplished?

●  Is there any way to leverage their tech-savviness to the company’s advantage?

●  How can you ascertain whether they are working or using their cell phones for personal use?

●  Is it possible to segregate personal from professional on personal devices?

●  Are there any ethical considerations to asking employees to use their personal devices for work?


  • In a 1-2 page word response,
  • Remember to support your ideas, thoughts, and contentions with relevant, outside, academic and peer-reviewed information that is properly identified, cited, and referenced.

medical tourism

Health care marketing

Respond to the following:


  • APA format
  • 175 – 265 words
  • Cite at least one (1) peer-reviewed reference

service delivery

Healthcare Policy And Delivery System

Think about a familiar clinical practice area where interest groups are attempting to bring about a change in clinical care or systems of service delivery.

Assume new, game-changing research finding are published and received wide attention.  Identify groups that might have an interest in these finding.  What are their likely reactions to new research?

The discussion must address the topic.

  • Rationale must be provided
  • 400 words
  • Minimum of two scholarly references in APA format within the last five years published

Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Assignment Content

Marketing research is an important aspect of marketing planning and understanding consumer choice. Primary research helps the organization determine its target market and understand how likely they are to adopt a product or service. It is also a way to learn what is important to consumers. Secondary research helps the organization learn about industry and market issues and trends and how they relate to the organization.

Review the Case Study document.

Analyze the results of the marketing research performed by the Faith & Main Consultants from the Case Study regarding the perception of the organization’s women’s health services.

Assume you have decided that the organization needs to conduct additional primary research to get to the heart of consumer choice in the market:

  • Explore which tools or techniques would be most effective and efficient in terms of gaining the most results at the lowest cost.
  • Explore the type of additional information you believe is needed in such research.

Conduct secondary market research using the University Library:

  • Find 3 articles that relate to women’s health services that pertain to the ECRHS survey results.
  • Summarize the results of your secondary research.


Prepare a 500- to 700-word marketing research summary.

Include the following:

  • Analyze the Faith & Main primary marketing research results.
  • Summarize the secondary research articles you found, explaining how they do or do not support the Faith & Main Consultants’ primary research findings. Explain why you believe the organization needs to conduct additional primary consumer market research.
  • State the type of additional information you believe is needed from such research.
  • State the tools and techniques you would add, explaining why you recommend them, including why they would be the most efficient and effective.
  • Explain how you would incorporate consumer demographics and feedback on consumer health care preferences into the design for products, services, or branding.


Cite at least four (4) peer-reviewed references your sources in APA format.

Child welfare

Child welfare case study

This week, your Discussion focuses on a case study featuring issues related to child welfare. You choose a perspective from which to view and discuss the case. This allows you to bring in contemporary and current viewpoints, as well as engage with the many considerations, pressures, or issues related to any policy.

  • Review the case study
  • Adopt one of the following perspectives through which to view and discuss the case:
    • Culture
    • Immigration
    • Geography

Identify one policy or program that would be relevant to the circumstances in the case study.

  • Explain how the perspective you chose (e.g., culture, immigration, geography) informs:
  • The perceived need for the policy.
  • The ability to implement the policy both generally and specifically for the client in the case study.

Policy Resources Starter:

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. (n.d.). Child welfare information gateway.

This website contains comprehensive information about child welfare policies and programs

Children’s Bureau. (2015, April). Immigration and child welfare. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Child Welfare Information Gateway. (2015). Immigration and child welfare. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Children’s Bureau.

National Association of Social Workers. (2021) Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers

company management

company management

You presented the importance of brand equity to your organization and analyzed the implications of reopening the park. Your presentation was well received by the company management.

Now, it’s time take a step toward developing the strategic marketing plan for the reopening of the park. As a regional director of marketing, it is essential for you to know how you are going to apply various marketing principles and theories to design an effective and relevant marketing plan for the reopening of the park. This includes various aspects such as understanding the target audience; identifying the right and relevant marketing methods to communicate with target audience; using product, place, price, and promotional strategies to attract the target audience; and so on.

You have been provided with the following target audiences:

  • Primary Market: Families with children (ages 6–18) with an average annual family income of over $75,000 per year
  • Secondary Market: Teens, ages 15–18

Write a memo to your CMO detailing how you will use the four Ps in your marketing efforts.

The considerations should be such that customer and business perspectives are well balanced. The company is open to ideas showing creativity and innovation but does not want to reinvent the wheel completely.


Refer to the CMO Memo for Target Audience and create a consulting report describing how the four Ps can be used to attract existing and new customers back to the U.S. Park Southeast when it reopens.

For the purposes of this assignment, you will include the following in your consulting report.

  1. Describe the plan to market the product to the identified target audiences.
    • What communication strategy will you use for the target audiences, regarding the park services?
  2. Describe the role of place in attracting customers back into the park.
    • Identify the appropriate communication method to share information about the safety measures you have taken.
    • How will you plan a marketing campaign around “convenience of use” as your unique selling proposition (USP)?
  3. Determine the pricing strategy that should be considered to drive new and existing customers.
    • How will you communicate the value of your offering through an effective pricing model?
  4. Describe two promotional events aimed at your two target audiences designed to drive attendance.
    • Include one promotional event for each of the two target audiences. This element requires you to use your own creativity or previous exposure to promotional events.

social media and technology

social media and technology

1) After having read the Pew Study on Social Media and Teens.   Download Pew Study on Social Media and Teens, what stood out for you as interesting, memorable or surprising?  Explain why these aspects were chosen.

2) On the whole, do you feel social media to be a positive or negative force in the lives of young people?  Provide evidence to support your position.

3) If you were a parent, how would you manage social media and technology in the lives of your children?


The use of outside scholarly resources (articles, books, etc) will be rewarded but is not required.  The recommended length per answer is 150  words.  Answer each question using complete sentences, paragraph structure, and academic/professional language. Keep use of the first-person voice to a minimum. Use APA style for all citations and Works cited

Lean Techniques And Forecasting Analysis

 Lean Techniques And Forecasting Analysis


  • Determine strategies for reducing infrastructure costs through the use of lean manufacturing, just in time (JIT), optimized production technology (OPT),  theory of constraints (TOC), and capacity constraint resources (CCR) to improve supply chain efficiency and logistics.
  • What operations business strategy does the  company use in producing its goods and/or services, and what continuous improvement techniques are used? What tools and metrics are used for forecasting  customer demand?
  • How does sustainability play a part in the delivery of goods and services?  To continue your analysis, you will need to gather information about lean practices and forecasting.
  • Information can generally be found on the organization’s  main website, in the annual report and mission statement, and in articles authored by the company or outside analysts, such as, buy/sell sites  (e.g., Jim Cramer), and investment companies (e.g., Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, or Vanguard).
  •  As operations management students and professionals, you are  encouraged to use your own experience, understanding, and knowledge of business and industry structure to drive your analysis.  Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: III. Lean Practices in the Workplace and the
  • Supply Chain A. Determine opportunities for the company or organization to employ lean techniques to strengthen organizational performance while supporting  current business operations. What is the potential outcome of using these lean techniques?
  • B. Determine opportunities for the company or organization to use just-in-time (JIT) practices, such as safety stock, to reduce inventory costs while  supporting current business operations. What is the potential outcome of using these JIT practices?
  • C. Determine opportunities for the company or organization to use optimized production technology (OPT) and theory of constraints (TOC) principles to reduce costs and increase throughput while supporting current business operations. What is the potential outcome of using these  OPT and TOC principles?


This assignment should be submitted as a 5- to 7-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman  font, and one-inch margins. You should use current APA style guidelines for your citations and reference list. Note that at least 10 outside information sources  are required overall for this project.  As necessary, copy and paste any data analysis from Excel into your Word document for submission. You may include your original Excel documents as  supplementary material if you believe this will strengthen your contribution.


 Equity and Equality

Click the ‘scenario’ button below to review the topic and then answer the following question:

Team Member Three filed a grievance stating that although the team seemed very inclusive on the outside, they felt hidden disabilities were not acknowledged or respected on the same level as visible disabilities. The specifics of the grievance were that Team Member Three needed to take ADHD and anxiety medicine at a certain time every day for it to be effective.  Their partner in the project, Team Member Four, had Parkinson’s Disease and needed to take their medication at the same time to avoid tremors that made it difficult to perform. Since someone had to always be at the station, Team Member Three, who was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety, was expected to “wait” because their needs were not seen as physical needs, and they needed to give priority to Team Member Four because they were the “person with the ‘real’ medical disability.” Due to the security of the worksite, the doors are opened to let people in or out only once every hour.

In an attempt to develop an empathetic strategy to benefit everyone, the proposed solution was deemed equal because both team members had an opportunity to leave to take their medication within an hour. Although not at the same time, both were given the resource/allowance to take a break.


Explain how allowing the person that was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease to take their medication at the exact time that was needed while expecting the person that was diagnosed with ADHD/anxiety to wait until the next available time is considered an equal solution and not an equitable solution through your evaluation?

StrengthsFinder assessment

StrengthsFinder assessment

Post a brief description of your results from the StrengthsFinder assessment. Then, briefly describe two core values, two strengths, and two characteristics that you would like to strengthen based on the results of your StrengthsFinder assessment.


  • Be specific.
  • Be sure to attach your Signature Theme Report to your Discussion post.