The Oregon Trail game

The Oregon Trail game

what did you think of the Oregon Trail game? Did you make it to Oregon? Did you have to make any difficult decisions? Did the game change your perception of food security? If you feel comfortable sharing, have you learned anything about food security (either systematic, or your own) during the COVID-19 response?


Please write at least 350 words (with your word count listed beneath your post)

computer security

computer security being compromised

Explain a situation where computer security has been compromised (a personal experience is preferred if you know of one). If you do not have any personal experience with a security compromise, explain one that you have read about on the Internet. What can be learned from the experience?


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HR implications

Gender Discrimination Analysis

To complete this Assignment, review the Learning Resources for this week and other resources you have found in the Walden Library or online and respond to the following bullets.

  • Review and summarize Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin, focusing on gender.
  • Select and review one of the following gender discrimination case summaries.


  • Then write a 1- to 2-paragraph case summary and identify HR implications.

Certification and Licensure Plan

Certification and Licensure Plan


Now that you are in the final course in your program, it is time to turn in earnest to preparing for certification and licensure. You will need to take and pass the national PMHNP certification exam. Once certified, you will then be eligible to apply for licensure as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) in the state desired. It will be up to you to ensure you are knowledgeable about the practice agreements, scope of practice, and prescriptive authority in your state.

Although a movement called the APRN Consensus Model is attempting to standardize NP regulations nationally, it is still the case that requirements vary state to state. In some states, NPs may establish an independent practice without the supervision of an MD. Additionally, states are currently categorized as either allowing full practice, reduced practice, or restricted practice. Full practice states allow NPs to evaluate, order diagnostics, diagnose, and treat patients. They are licensed under the exclusive authority of the state board of nursing for the appropriate state. Many states may require prescriptive authority protocols in addition to collaborative agreement.

Another important area to consider and plan for is prescriptive authority. The appropriate board, which may be the medical board, state board of pharmacy, or nursing board, grants prescriptive authority under state law for the appropriate state licensure. The federal government grants the authority to write for a controlled substance, and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) verifies this action through by the appropriate state board. Drug Enforcement Agency registration is granted at the federal level and has additional requirements/fees for the registration process.

In this Discussion, you will locate and review the practice agreements in the state in which you plan to practice, identify potential collaboration requirements in your state, and understand the certification and licensing process that you will need to follow.

To Prepare:

  • Review practice agreements in your state.
  • Identify whether your state requires physician collaboration or supervision for nurse practitioners, and if so, what those requirements are.
  • Research the following:
  • How do you get certified and licensed as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) in your state?
  • What is the application process for certification in your state?
  • What is your state’s board of nursing website?
  • How does your state define the scope of practice of a nurse practitioner?
  • What is included in your state practice agreement?
  • How do you get a DEA license?
  • Does your state have a prescription monitoring program (PMP)?
  • How does your state describe a nurse practitioner’s controlled-substance prescriptive authority, and what nurse practitioner drug schedules are nurse practitioners authorized to prescribe?


Usability Tests

Usability Tests

Design a usability test to conduct usability testing on a device or equipment used on daily basis ( It can be: a tape recorder, TV, Desktop, Automatic Washing Machine, Fax/Scanner/Copy Machine, Electrical Panel 20 Am, 110V, Food Mixer, or Dishwasher.


1.- Make sure that the device has the following component: Electrical Charger or electrical connection to charge, Control Panel to input a task, and Programmable Device to accomplish a task. Make sure that you can obtain an electronic and electrical diagram for the device, and if the device requires any program to run the process.

2.- This is the first phase of your project, you will be using the same device for phases 2 and 3.

Pick a specific device to evaluate and design a usability test for this device.

Reference Chapter 5 Evaluation and the User Experience for assistance in designing the test.  Design your test to accommodate the Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design from section 3.3.4. Explain how your test will evaluate the user experience in regard to the Eight Golden Rules.


There should be 5 -7 pages in the body of the paper with a minimum of 10 references.  7th Edition APA formatting and required with appropriate headings to each section. The section must be the same as presented in the table of content.

Paper structure:

1.- title page

2.- Abstract

3.- Table of Content

4.- Body:

4.1.- Introduction

4.2.- Literature Review

4.3.- Analysis

4.4.- Recommendation

4.5.- Conclusion

5.- List of References


Use the APA-Sample-Formatted-Paper to submit your work.


Helping employees to manage their careers


For this pa per, you will write a 5-7 page paper describing: What you as an HRM can do about helping employees manage their careers. Provide an analysis of how your current or past organization has managed the careers of their employees. Finally, provide an analysis of how your organization can improve the management of employee training programs. The instructions for this assignment are somewhat vague. Each student will have to explore different resources and will need to develop an individual approach to the subject.

In addition, you will create a SWOT analysis on a potential training program and discuss the internal and external conditions that can affect learner outcomes and capabilities.

The more specific you can be the better, and feel free to include examples that will strengthen your argument.

Requirement: Using the terms, concepts, and theories learned in this course, write a 5 to 7 pa ge (Arial or Times New Roman 12 pitch font with double-spaced lines) ess ay focusing on employee training and development and career management. Include a SWOT analysis and your interpretation of the analysis.

Research: Additionally, using the APUS Online Library, conduct research and incorporate at least two (2) additional sources other than your textbook to support your ess ay. Use the APA Style to cite your “in-text” references and to list your references on a reference page. APA Style Examples are located in the student Resources folder. You can view it by selecting on the Resources section. Additionally, the APUS Online Library has the APA Style Manual online.


Original Outline is included for reference.


fitness professionals

A group exercise instructor

1. In your own words, describe group exercise and the various exercise disciplines included within the ISSA Group Exercise Instructor course.

2. Discuss the role of the group exercise instructor. Include the topics of participant safety, the importance of creating a positive experience for the participants, and the code of ethics group exercise instructors must understand and adhere to as fitness professionals

3. Participation in the various forms of structured exercise has numerous benefits for participants. Discuss the benefits of exercise and provide examples how participation in aerobic exercise can reduce various health risks.

4. Explain the principles of exercise training that must be applied to the development of a progressive and successful exercise program.

5. Describe the three energy systems in the body, and how they are used for energy production.


As a group exercise instructor, it is your responsibility to design the classes you teach. Please design a muscle conditioning group exercise class. Describe in detail the components of the warm-up routine you will use to begin your class; list the exercises you will use in the workout routine, the equipment needed, and the number of repetitions of each exercise; explain the process of communicating to your students during the class, including specifics regarding the cueing of transitions; and describe the cool-down session you will use to close out your class.

vulnerability process

Vulnerability Assessment

Your boss wants you to draft a two- to three-page vulnerability process and assessment memorandum addressing the main points of a VM process for Mercury USA. You will cover the main elements of a vulnerability management process, tailored to Mercury USA’s business in the transportation sector, evaluate the OpenVAS scanning tool, and provide recommendations for mitigating the vulnerabilities found within the OpenVAS report.

The third-party pen tester used the free tool Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner (OpenVAS) to scan Mercury USA’s network. Review the report from the OpenVAS Scan.

As you review the scan, consider some important points from Lesson 5:

  • Priority
  • Difficulty of implementation
  • Communication/change control
  • Inhibitors to remediation
    • MOUs
    • SLAs
    • Business process interruption
    • Degrading functionality

Improving writing

Improving writing

Discussion 1 (250  words)

Proper in-text citations and references are of particular importance in APA writing. Why is the use of citations and references the cornerstone of APA research? What are two reasons to use citations and references?

Discussion 2  ( 250 words)

There are a number of strategies/principles to improve your writing. Conduct an online search and consult your text. Identify one general principle of writing that you think would improve your writing. Why do you believe this particular principle would be useful for your writing? What obstacles might you encounter in implementing this strategy?





Human resources

Human resources


Think about how human resources are handled at the company you work for, or one you have worked for in the past. In the discussion thread, comment on the following questions:

What steps of the human resources cycle does the company handle well? Why?
What steps of the human resources cycle are handled poorly? Why?
How is culture impacted by the Human Resources department?


Search online and find 1-2 articles that discuss the competition between Target and Walmart.

Next, choose EITHER OPTION 1 OR 2 of the SWOT analysis framework and share your findings and the link(s) to your source content.

Option 1: Strengths Based on your own experiences shopping at Target and Walmart and the research you conducted:

Identify 1-2 strengths Target has in comparison to Walmart. For each strength, explain your rationale.
Option 2: Weaknesses Based on your own experiences shopping at Target and Walmart and the research you conducted:

Identify 1-2 weaknesses Target has in comparison to Walmart. For each weakness, explain your rationale.