Collective Behavior & Social Movements

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Instructions: For this week, you will select ONE of the discussion topics to respond to and choose ONE classmate’s response to reply to. Please only respond to one topic and one classmate to allow for others to participate. Before writing your posts, make sure that you have carefully read and understand the Discussion Posting Information and Grading Rubric page to ensure your success in your weekly discussion assignments.

KODAK Films Turnaround Strategy

I have uploaded all materials that you need.

I just need 3 pages, no sources. You will choose ONE of the following data collection techniques

Homeless Assistance Act

  • .Policy Analysis Paper: students will identify a social welfare problem (social welfare problem identified was the VA from the interview questions) and a policy that addresses that problem as part of a policy analysis paper. The policy must be a current federal or state law.
  • “IMPLEMENT POLICY” for this social welfare problem.

The History and Discovery of The Dna Scientist James Watson

Select an individual – an artist, scientist, musician, writer, or other creative figure – and discuss his or her creative process.

Use primary materials, interviews, and secondary works to support your ideas.

What factors contributed to their creative success?

Can you identify any particular social

or personal elements that may have

been important?

Trafficked in America Film Analysis

Up to 2 typed single-spaced pages with 1” margins using 12pt Times New Roman.

Use one academic style guide, i.e. MLA, Chicago, ASA or APA throughout the assignment.
Use (author’s last name, page#) when citing class readings; all other sources require full citations. Point value of 0pts-0.1pts added to final course grade on a 4.0 scale.

the Welfare System in United States

1. Reform the welfare system: Library

. This alternative is identical to the last paper,

except that the focus is welfare reform. That is, you must come up with three inter-

related proposals to reform the welfare system. You must support these reforms with

evidence, footnote your sources, etc. Here are some web sources that should be helpful

in finding information about welfare.

a.The Bureau of the Census

b.Institute for Research on Poverty (University of Wisconsin)

c.Brookings Institute

d.Bureau of Labor Statistics

e.Urban Institute

f.Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Driving while intoxicated

Discuss your views on lowering the legal limit for intoxication from .08 to .06 nationwide.


Global Inequalities Food and Hunger

12 point, Times New Roman font, and 1” margins, 7-FULL pages , double spaced ,

I attached detailed paper instructions in the files, please read it carefully!!!!!!!


PAPER INSTRUCTIONSFor this PAPER you will explore the websites for various organizations that deal with issues of this course – development and underdevelopment, global inequalities, and the struggle for social justice. You should explore at least fivewebsites. At least one of these sites should be considered “pro” global capitalism/conservative. Below are some suggestions, but you are not limited to these suggestions.

Morality and Social Responsibility & Cultural Genogram

Philosophical perspectives and theories on morality contribute to an understanding of the deep-rooted human need to question the role human beings play in society. Whether your views align with those of Aristotle, Kant, or Mill, you can explore the reasons behind your inherent motivation to act responsibly. At the outset of your life, you develop habits of thought based on what you are exposed to, where you live, with whom you live, and your experiences. In this Application Assignment, you critically examine these experiences as well as theoretical perspectives on morality and assess how they impact your moral and cultural identity. You also assess how these experiences influence your concept of social responsibility.

  • Read the articles by Brink (2014), Johnson (2014), and Kraut (2014) in this week’s resources. Summarize the key points of each theory. Does one theory resonate with you more than another? Why or why not?
  • Make connections to your own culture. Consider whether these three theories are reflected in your own culture.
  • Review the Cultural Genogram: Dimensions of Culture document in this week’s Resources. Think about the ways different dimensions of culture inform your moral identity (e.g., how your national, ethnic, and/or gender identity informs your moral identity).
  • Consider how different dimensions of culture inform your concept of social responsibility.

Extreme Male Makeup

– The five-paper minimum means five full pages – a cover page does not count as one of these pages, nor does a reference page, and getting a paragraph onto the fifth page does not count as a full page.

– You should use double spacing, a common font, and size 12 font size

– You should have a reference page – you don’t have to include your annotated bibliography, but include all the sources you used.

– Here’s a guide for how to cite different types of sources – notably, don’t simply post a URL without giving the title, author (if any), etc. –; you can use either Chicago or MLA style

 You should have citations from your sources in your paper whenever you are using information that you gained from these sources. Do not use any direct quotes or working from the articles without placing them in quotation marks and citing where you got the quotes. Otherwise this is a clear case of plagiarism. Summarizing someone else’s argument or rewording it is likewise something for which you need to provide a citation.

 In your introductory section you should have some sort of statement aimed at the reader that states clearly what you are going to be doing in the paper. Don’t simply jump into the paper – let the reader know what to generally expect from your approach, and there’s no need to hint at your conclusion. Ex. “In this paper I will be examining the issue/problem of X. I will do so by examining elements of this issues including A, B and C.”