Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

Your company has put together a brand new team of individuals and has named you as supervisor. Your direct reports consist of a group of Generation Zeros. You have decided that instead of banning cell phones at work, you would like to manage and set goals about how they are used.

please answer the following scenarios/prompts:

●  What kinds of rules will you set for your team to help them understand what acceptable cell phone use at work is ?

●  Are there any creative ways they can use their cell phones to actually get more work accomplished?

●  Is there any way to leverage their tech-savviness to the company’s advantage?

●  How can you ascertain whether they are working or using their cell phones for personal use?

●  Is it possible to segregate personal from professional on personal devices?

●  Are there any ethical considerations to asking employees to use their personal devices for work?


  • In a 1-2 page word response,
  • Remember to support your ideas, thoughts, and contentions with relevant, outside, academic and peer-reviewed information that is properly identified, cited, and referenced.

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