U.S. crime strategies

U.S. crime strategies

Researching programs or models of policing or corrections

Comparing U.S. crime strategies or issues with other nations

Exploring new technological advances that have changed the justice system

The paper should consist of various sections, such as introduction, literature review, conclusion etc.  Use at least 8 sources and follow APA format for this paper.   Title page, Abstract, and Reference pages are required but are not included in the required pages count.

General Writing Guidelines:

Use APA format for all portions of the paper. This should include:

Cover page

The body of the paper should be organized as follows:


Literature review – find and document at least 8 relevant articles related to your topic.




The final paper should be 10 pages in length. This does not include the cover page, references and appendices.  It should be double spaced no more than 12 point font.

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