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“Fever of unknown origin”

“Fever of unknown origin” “Fever of unknown origin” is a diagnosis known well to acute care providers. “Rash of unknown origin” is not an official diagnosis, but it is one that you will often encounter. Imagine that during a shift a nurse calls you to the bedside to look at a “new rash” that a […]

family-focused functional assessment

Select a family, other than your own, and seek permission from the family to conduct an interview. Utilize the interview questions complied in your interview questionnaire to conduct a family-focused functional assessment. Document the responses as you conduct the interview. Describe the family structure. Include individuals and any relevant attributes defining the family composition, race/ethnicity, […]

the intentions of nonemployed registered nurses

Erich QD1. If I were to conduct a statewide study of work plans the intentions of nonemployed registered nurses I would favor open-ended questions. Open-ended questions allow people to provide a free-form answer without limitations. Whereas closed-ended questions can be answered within a limited set of possible answers ( Polit & Beck, 2017). When asking […]

Current Issues in Business Law

Current Issues in Business Law “Current Issues in Business Law” Unit. Attached you will find files with all the necessary requirements that you need to know regarding the report. Please note that you need to provide good quality of work since it is an important course, as well as using academic and proper references. Read […]

subcultural theory

Requirement: Minimum 600 words per question, three peer reviewed scholarly sources and no direct quotes are to be used. APA format Question 1: discuss in detail the two primary historical schools of thought presented in this week’s lesson pertaining to criminology i.e., the classical and positivist schools of criminology. No direct quotes should be utilized […]

Judicial System

Go to the Virginia’s Judicial System website at: http://www.courts.state.va.us.  Explore the site and write a 2-3 page paper about what you learned from the experience.  Did anything surprise you?  Include mention of a job position listed on its Employment Opportunities page that interests you, whether or not you are yet qualified for the position, and regardless […]

Musculoskeletal And Neurological

Complete the ShadowHealth© Musculoskeletal and Neurological assignments Professional Development Write a 500-word APA reflection essay of your experience with the Shadow Health virtual assignment(s). At least two scholarly sources in addition to your textbook should be utilized. Answers to the following questions may be included in your reflective essay: What; went well in your assessment? […]

Clinical Decision Support systems

Clinical Decision Support systems improve patient safety and reduce medical errors. Write a short paragraph discussing the following questions: How do patient safety, quality of care, and economic interests contribute to the need to identify CDS best practices and to quantify effective CDS practice? What do the authors mean when they talk about the drive […]

vaginal and cervical lesions.

Instructions: Response must be at least 510 words, written in current APA format with at least two academic references cited. References must be within the last five years. Response must extend, refute/correct, or add additional nuance. J.R. is a 36-year-old white, middle-class woman who has been sexually active with one partner for the past 2 […]