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Therapeutic Itinerary of Elderly People

1Rev Bras Enferm. 2021;74(3): e20200788https://doi.org/10.1590/0034-7167-2020-0788 8of ABSTRACT Objective: to describe the therapeutic itinerary of elderly people with diabetes mellitus registered at Family Health Strategy units. Methods: qualitative and descriptive study carried out with 15 elderly people with diabetes mellitus between February and April 2019 by applying semi-structured interviews with the participants. Data were submitted to […]

Mental Health Discussion

Module 05 Discussion – 3 hours Directions: Initial Post There are times when a nurse must provide care for a client who is agitated and verbally or physically aggressive. The client may be psychotic, but the nurse must, in each case, remain in control of his/her own feelings, and intervene in the most appropriate manner. […]

Power Analysis Response

According to Gray and Grove (2021). Power is the probability that a statistical test will detect an effect when it actually exists. Power is the inverse of type II error and it is the probability of retaining the null (Gray & Grove, 2021, p.636). Greenland et al. (2016) explains that every method of statistical inference […]


LEGAL HERMENEUTICS Instructions: Answer three (3) of the following six (6) questions. You can use primary and secondary sources to develop your answers. Be sure to follow pertinent bibliographical rules and formats. Your answers will be evaluated by their clarity, concision and subject matter coherence. Your answers should not exceed 15 pages, 8 x 11 […]

Ethics In Justice And Security

In criminal justice, process and procedure is important. If proper discretion is not used, lives are affected. And departments within criminal justice, like the police, are affected as well. If improper discretion is used at any point during the process. There are consequences. And one of those consequences is the use of a federal consent […]

 breach in a sales contract case

The case analysis should consist of the following three headings: 1. Overview/Summary 2. Opinion/Legal Analysis 3. Relevance to Business Environment Find a recent lawsuit, legal news story, or article using an Internet centering on a breach in a sales contract case. News-feed websites such as MSN or CNN, or search engines such as Yahoo or Google may […]

voluntary clustered sample

Hello class, Recently, one of my administration guys put out a survey that he came up with. The sample was based off voluntary clustered sample by him placing the survey into selective people mail boxes asking them to respond. This was an improper sample because he only done this for his district. Therefore, the only […]

the forms of intellectual intangible property protection

the forms of intellectual intangible property protection Discuss the following:  (BE SURE TO POST A NEW CASE EXAMPLE NO ONE HAS YET POSTED ABOUT IN THE THREAD) Identify and explain the forms of intellectual intangible property protection, how long they last and what remedies one can seek for an infringement of one’s intellectual property pursuant to […]

vagueness and ambiguity

Discussion 1   In this week’s reading, Beatty compares and contrasts vagueness and ambiguity in written contracts. These problems are similar to some prior contract law material we have covered. For this discussion, respond to the following: · What does it mean for a contract to be vague or ambiguous? What are the risks of […]

Chronic Disease GIS Exchange (CDC)

Write a paper about organization and from the paper we have to make a powerpoint as presentation. So, we selected Chronic Disease GIS Exchange (CDC). https://www.cdc.gov/dhdsp/maps/GISX/index.html Everyone of us take two part to work on . I took this question How the CDC utilizes GIS 1-Geospatial Research, Analysis, and Services Program (GRASP) 2-The Agency for […]