A Reflective Summary 

A Reflective Summary 

Write a reflective summary that is 1,500 words. Use the following topic outline:

  1. Module summaries: Use a brief paragraph to summarize your learning in each module.
  2. Course activities and assignments: Discuss your experience in completing the various activities and assignments.
  3. Textbook and course material: Are there any readings presented in this course that significantly enriched your learning? Explain.
  4. Open Learning Faculty Member interactions: Reflect on your experience with your Open Learning Faculty Member. Did your Open Learning Faculty Member help you to learn something significant and stimulate new thoughts or insights in your learning? Describe how the interactions that you had with your Open Learning Faculty Member enhanced your learning in professional selling?
  5. Discussion Postings: Discuss at least two postings that you or other people posted which have shaped a new perspective or generated new insights for you in professional selling.
  6. The Learner (You!): What was your contribution to this course? Do you think others could benefit from and be influenced by you or your experiences? Describe what you have learned from any other learners in the course, if any. A proper citation is needed if a posting is quoted in your summary. If there were no other learners in this course, imagine how your work could benefit future students in the course.
  7. Other: You could include any challenges that you were facing in this course. Are there any highlights you experienced in all activities? Summarize your overall experience and expectations. How does this course enhance your skills and knowledge to become a better salesperson?


Give examples

(67 marks)

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