Lab Report Format

This Individual Lab Report format is required for all (6 in total) required laboratory investigations. All reports must be typed and include raw data from the investigation.

The General Lab Reports must contain the following:

· Student/Lab Identification

· Results and Raw Data

· Graphs

· Data Summary

· References

Student/Lab Identification The student identification should contain the lab name, date, student name and instructor name. Title should be centered and bold at the top of the first page of text.

Results and Raw Data This section should include a table of all data collected during investigation.

Graphs                                         Graphs are a tool, much as a calculator. They allow you to represent a lot of data in a very short space. Graphs allow you to analyze data in interesting ways, but graphs do not make an analysis.

Data Summary The data summary section should 1) show an understanding of the data, and 2) offer an analysis of the data that draws conclusions from the data, including the available quantitative (that is, the numerical) information that is in the table.  It will also be essential that you communicate this clearly to the reader. This part of the lab will be graded on how well these tasks are completed.  You should be careful to use all the data that you have collected in this summary!   Before you can do this, presenting the data properly in a table is essential to complete the task of understanding the data and making something of it, so it is important that earlier task be done well.  Also, to understand the data, it may be necessary to spend a little time on the Internet to get a little background on any aspects that you are not familiar with.  So these are  important aspects of the lab – to show that you have been able to organize information (your set of data) and then extract meaning from it.

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