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Health Promotion

Utilizing the Health Promotion A family just migrated from another country to your area and you are seeing them in the clinic for the first time. They do not speak English well. There are two children, ages 2 years 6 months and 6 years. When taking the children’s history, you become aware they have not […]

Leadership In Nursing

Leadership In Nursing Evaluate your potential (or current) effectiveness as a leader based on your identified skills and provide an example in which you could demonstrate them.

important in nursing

Evidence-based practice in important in nursing week5 discussion 2 Evidence-based practice is extremely important in nursing. Throughout your master’s program, you will complete research on various topics. Knowing how to construct a strong problem statement and complete a critical analysis of the available information to write a literature review is essential. This week, you will […]

Evaluating And Sustaining Change

Evaluating And Sustaining Change Change is inevitable. There is no getting around it, but that does not mean change always has to be negative. Society often places a negative connotation to change, but what if the change is for the best? What if change is what sustains growth and encourages improvement? In nursing practice, change […]


Relfextion Directions:  Freud’s theory during early childhood: stage 2 (anal stage) versus freud’s theory the oral stage. Explain what each stage is and give examples of a child. Must be at least a page and a half with 2 references

Organizational Structure

Healthcare Strategic Management And Planning Organizational Structure Organizational structure can have a major impact on the delivery of safe patient care and the overall satisfaction of nursing staff. Analyze the organizational structure of your health care facility and the nursing division/service from the perspective of the business of delivering quality patient care and assuring staff […]

Response Post

Response Post As a toddler’s physical growth rate slows as they develop physical, cognitive, and emotional skills that help them become more independent. Much of the toddler’s behavior is a replication of what they see and hear (Hisley, 2015). They love to imitate the people around them and learn through repetition. A toddler typically likes […]

implementation of electronic health records

Health Informatics Reflect on your involvement with the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs) in the clinical setting (either as a practicing nurse or as a student in the clinical setting). If you have not used an EHR, think about how you might implement an EHR in your practice setting. Answer the questions in Step […]


Nur1172Module4 Create an outline of your project (1 page). The outline should only contain topic headings and a brief description of what it will cover. . Required paragraph topics include but are not limited to: the role nutrition plays in the prevention of the disease, etiology, progression, treatment, recommended diets, nursing assessment, nursing interventions, client […]