Ancient Greece Renaissance Early Islam and Christianity

The Timeline Project assignment is about solidifying the ideas and themes you have learned about this session. Over Weeks 5–8, you will create a timeline that investigates key artifacts and themes in the humanities that you have studied throughout the course. You’ve been learning about how much political, religious, economic, and social events that occur within a given culture affect and influence the art that is produced (and vice versa). This is your opportunity to demonstrate your new understanding by choosing some cultural events and a representative artifact from each period. If it helps you, sit down with a piece of paper and draw an actual line on which you place your events and pictures of your artifacts to get you started.

Please don’t feel limited by the artifacts and events that we’ve discussed. Seek out things that really interest you. Do you love technology? Then look for some technological artifacts (tools, looms, items used for mathematical or astronomical calculations, for transportation, for building, etc.) and some events that drove the development of that technology (or that the technology drove). Do you love fashion? The history of fashion is a significant piece of the humanities. You have a great deal of freedom in what you’d like to choose for each period.


  • Students will demonstrate a macro and micro view of historical periods and their artifacts.
  • Students will connect historical events and movements to artifacts.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the differences between time periods as well as the connections.
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of presentation skills.



For each period we’ve studied, you will need to include the following.

  • Discussion of three political, religious, economic, or social events that occurred and how those events affected the humanities.
  • Detailed discussion of one artifact from each period (the same period of the three events that you chose) and how it exemplifies or reflects some of the defining characteristics of the period. These artifacts may be literary works, examples of architecture, paintings, sculptures, songs, fashion, and so on. Please check with your professor if you have a question about the types of artifacts you’re choosing.
  • Take all of this information and produce a Kaltura video where you narrate your timeline. You may use PowerPoint slides, a Prezi presentation, or other software to create your chronological timeline of events and a related artifact.
  • Please provide a reference page or slide.

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