Animal testing

Animal testing

Some people support the idea of animal testing and argue that doing so would help us produce drugs that can save humans’ lives. While this statement could be true to some degree, some individuals argue that animal testing should be banned or limited comprehensively because there are other alternatives to save humans’ lives without inflicting pain on animals.

In 1000 words, your task is to present a convincing argumentative assignment that supports the argumentation that animals should not be tortured for humans’ advantages, and animal testing should be limited extensively for some reasons that you will be responsible for exploring in your assignment. That is the side you have to take. I am interested in seeing how your thesis will look and how your paragraphs are related to each other and, ultimately, the thesis.


When doing so, you should use the two peer-reviewed papers provided for you to support your argument. You should follow the APA style in-text citations only. Except for your conclusion, you must use one short, direct quotation and two paraphrases in each paragraph. If you want to use any other secondary sources, you need to cite them on your reference page.

You are required to provide a reference page for me. Try to avoid using some more secondary sources. Please keep the number of sources limited to the ones I have picked for you.

You are required to use Times New Roman, font 12. You should provide an APA cover page too.

Providing a reference page at the bottom of your argumentative paper is also obligatory.


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