Application Of Concepts

Application Of Concepts From Caring Science

Assignment Prompt

Summary: A theory can be used to guide practice.  This assignment is an exercise in supporting a clinical practice with theory and evidence.

Directions: Identify an outcome of nursing practice in your area of practice that can be improved.  You may be able to use the problem that inspired the theory concepts that you developed in week two. WEEK 2 discussion #1CONCEPT EXPLORATION AND discussion #2 PERSONAL THEORY.

Briefly support why it is a problem with evidence from the literature. This is not the major focus of the assignment so do not elaborate.

Create clinical nursing (not medical) theory in the form of Concept A | Proposition | Concept B. Think of the structure like two nouns and a verb. While the term proposition is much more complex in the dictionary, in our use it is the connecting term between the two concepts. Examples include Concept A improves Concept B, Concept A is related to Concept B, when Concept A increases then Concept B also increases, etc. When you get to research, you will explore this further as you develop independent and dependent variables. How to use these statistically will come in research and statistics courses.

This clinical theory is identified as an empirical theory when you get to the C-T-E model later in this course. It is empirical in that they can be measured.

Identify and define your concepts. Identify how they could be measured in a research study. Be careful that you do not use compound concepts. If you find the words “and” or “or” in your theory, you are probably too complex.

If you research your question and seek funding, you will need a theoretical model to guide the research. In our assignment, we are using Watson. You will identify the concepts in Watson’s theories that are represented by the concepts you are using in your clinical theory. Match the proposition in her theory with your proposition. To help, the 10 Caritas Processes are Concept A. Choose the one that matches your concept. To clarify, let’s look at Caritas 1 Embrace and use it in middle-range theory. Sustaining humanistic-altruistic values by the practice of loving-kindness, compassion, and equanimity with self/others (Concept A – Very complex and abstract) improves (Proposition) subjective inner healing (Concept B).

Remember that the paper is not about the problem. It is about constructing a clinical theory and matching it to a middle-range theory and conceptual model your clinical theory represents.

Conclude the paper with your discoveries made in your readings and the impact on the nursing profession of your discoveries. Explore, briefly, discovered questions that require further research. Summarize the paper in the conclusion.

Assignment Prompt


· Length: 5 to 7 pages including title and reference pages

· References: 3 to 10. (within the last 5 years in APA format). There should be enough to support the links between the concepts of the problem and the concepts of Watson’s Theory of Caring.

· APA format with intext citations

· Plagiarism free.

· Turnitin receipt.

PLEASE be specific WRITING about (Concept A – Very complex and abstract) improves (Proposition) subjective inner healing (Concept B).

·Note: Here are some links in case you need them if Not is fine!

Watson’s Caring Science & Human Caring Theory


The assignment asks that you take Watson’s theory and apply it to a nursing practice issue in your clinical setting (you could use the exemplar you gave in week 2). You are to

· discuss two Caritas of Watson’s theory:

· one Caritas should reflect the outcome you want to achieve and

· the other Caritas should discuss the practice change you would need to make to achieve the outcome.

· In this paper you would also discuss how you would measure the two Caritas (one for the outcome and one to assess if the change in practice occurred);

· you will need to define the concepts you are using in your proposal and develop a proposition between them.

Please include several research articles on the reference page, cite them using APA, and include citations within your paper for ideas you have obtained from the evidence. The paper requires a title page, abstract, content, and reference page.

The DB assignment is self-evident: compare and contrast a theory from Watson and a theory from another nursing theory; lastly, discuss how one’s understanding of concepts is enhanced when it is viewed from the two perspectives you presented.

I will review drafts if you get it to me early enough. A sample paper is attached


561 sample paper 1.docx (24.96 KB)

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