Areas Of Evaluation

Areas Of Evaluation

In this week’s assignment, you will evaluate two products you believe may resolve your selected issue. The purpose of your evaluation is to find the product that would be the best fit for your health care workplace and would best resolve the existing issue. Remember each weekly assignment builds on the last assignment and will culminate in the Week 5 assignment.

Select  two products currently available in the market from the category you identified in Week 3. For example, if you selected EHRs, then identify two specific EHR products, such as Cerner and Epic. If you chose two barcode scanners, you might compare Zebra and Honeywell.


You may use the product websites for information to support your assignment and the websites do count as references.

Format your assignment as any one of the following formats:

  •      12- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes or narration
  •      Infographic or concept map
  •     3 to 5 minute podcast

Explain the following related to each product in your assignment:

  • How would each product mitigate the clinical or administrative issue?
  • How will each product affect patients, staff, and the organization?

Determine the functionality of the two products as related to the following:

  • ease of use (how easy are they to use?)
  • clarity (are there clear instructions?)
  • time element (is the product time consuming to use?)
  • educational needs (what education needs to be provided to patient or nurse?)
  • cost (how expensive is the product?)


Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources. The product websites count toward this requirement.

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