Financial Ratio Calculation of  Coca-Cola’s company 

Financial Ratio Calculation of  Coca-Cola’s company 


This assignment is designed to help you apply mathematical skills in analyzing financial statements and utilize technology in financial analysis.


The 10-K report is an essential annual financial document that publicly traded companies must file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This detailed report covers a company’s financial performance, including income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and an extensive review of business operations, risks, and management’s perspective. It serves as a critical tool for investors, analysts, and regulators to assess a company’s financial stability, strategic direction, and overall business health. To delve into the specifics, access The Coca-Cola Company’s (NYSE: KO) 2021 Annual Report through this link Links to an external site. to an external site or refer to the attached Coca-Cola 2021 10K-2.pdf

Actions. Familiarize yourself with the annual report’s structure, particularly focusing on Item 8, which encompasses Financial Statements and Supplementary Data. It’s crucial to read and understand Coca-Cola’s financial statements thoroughly.


Financial Ratio Calculation – Utilize Excel to calculate Coca-Cola’s financial ratios for 2020, including the current ratio, debt ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, times-interest-earned ratio, profit margin ratio, and gross profit percentage. A template Excel file (Assignment – Financial Statement Analysis-1.xlsx Download Assignment – Financial Statement Analysis-1.xlsx), already incorporating the company’s income statement and balance sheet, along with the calculated ratios for 2021, is provided for guidance.

Submit the updated ‘Financial Statement Analysis’ with the 2020 financial ratios as your completed assignment.

Here are some helpful videos to guide you in using Excel:

1. Excel Project Video: Constructing a Formula & Using the SUM FunctionLinks to an external site.

2. Excel Project Video: Copying a Formula Using the Fill Handle & Relative Cell ReferencesLinks to an external site.

3. Excel Project Video: How to Enter AnswersLinks to an external site.

4. Excel Project Video: Using Arithmetic Operators in ExcelLinks to an external site.

5. Excel Project Video: How to Navigate a Worksheet/Workbook & How to Save a FileLinks to an external site.

This tutorial provides a detailed introduction to Excel, perfect for those starting out:

Link:  Inline XBRL Viewer ( [Download not found]

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