Binding and RNA Viruses Treatment Discussion

I’m stuck on a Biology question and need an explanation.


Discussion Worksheet 1

When answering the questions, please explain your answer in a few sentences. (Answer more than just a yes/no, but a paragraph is not required). You do not need to use outside sources, I am just looking for your thinking on the issue.

Everyone answers these two questions:

  • Would it be a good idea to modify ACE-2 binding (Competitive inhibition, mutation, etc.) so that ACE-2 is no longer functional?
  1. How does the RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase “jump” and then “landing” at a specific site, given that it doesn’t fly through midair as shown in the cartoon? (Hint: Folding)


, answer the following questions

  • In the Spike Protein, why is the amino acids of the ACE-2 binding region highly variable? (hint: arms race)
  • If CoV-2 was a negative sense (minus) RNA virus instead of plus sense, how would this affect its ability to replicate?
  • What component of COVID-19 would you design an antibody/drug to target, and why? (note: COVID-19 has a high rate of recombination)
  • Why is it useful to understand zoonotic/animal viruses?
  1. Why is it that humans were able to easily control the spread of Cov-1/ SARS, but are struggling to control Cov-2/COVID-19?
  1. Would it help or hurt COVID-19’s ability to spread if it had the genetic information for synthesizing its own lipids?

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