Cafeteria Benefits For Employees

Short essay 02 must be a minimum of two and one-fourth (2 ¼) double-spaced pages of text. Cover page (optional), front matter (for example, your name, course title or number, etc.), or endnotes do not count toward the minimum number of pages.

The objective of short essay 02 is to write on something that you would want to put into your expository essay. Short essay 02 explores the same or another angle to the subject that you presented in Short Essay 01.

Use short essay 02 to highlight the history of your topic.

For this essay, your instructor is reading to see that you did not violate Common Writing Style Problems #5 through #23 and #26 through #45. Consult the Common Writing Style Problems Guide.

In addition, Short Essay 02 will have endnotes consisting of a minimum of eight separate titles of cited sources. You can use the cited titles that you used in Short Essay 02. See how to create endnotes in the Endnotes Guide. Your instructor will see how you created and formatted your endnotes according to the Chicago style of documentation, an authority for history and other disciplines. Examples of citations, according to the Chicago style, are in the Endnotes Guide. Use Microsoft Word Help feature to learn how to create endnotes if you do not understand the instructions on creating endnotes in the Endnotes Guide or contact your instructor if you have questions or comments about the endnotes.

Always consult the Expository Essay Guide, the Common Writing Style Problems Guide, and the Endnotes Guide.



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