case analysis


Case Analysis

Current Situation

Step 1. The Facts
WHO is the decision maker?
WHAT is the task to be done (decision to make, problem to solve, opportunity to seize)?
WHY has the issue arisen now? What is its significance to the organization?
WHEN does the decision maker have to decide, resolve, act or dispose of the issue? What is the urgency to the situation?


Step 2. In Depth Analysis

Analyze the case situation in detail.  Start with a more formal definition of the problem and analysis of the situation. Consider the following sorts of questions (the exact questions will vary somewhat depending on the case).

  1. What business problem are we trying to solve?
  2. Why is that problem important to the business?
  3. How does the nature of the current IT contribute to or alleviate the problem?
  4. How does the current organization (structure, people, culture etc.) contribute to or alleviate the problem?
  5. How did we get here? Critically assess the factors that have contributed to our current situation?


Use your analysis of the current situation to identify the relevant criteria.



Why Selected?


Analysis of Alternatives

What options are given in the case?

Are there additional options you think need to be considered?


Performance Against Criteria
Options   1 2 3


  1. Which option do you think is best?  Why?
  2. How does this proposed solution address the business problem identified in your analysis of the current situation?


How will you go about implementing your decision (who will do what, when, and how)?


Short Term (= ________ days/wks/mths/yrs) Medium Term (= _____ days/wks/mths/yrs) Long Term (= ________ days/wks/mths/yrs)

What are the major risks associated with your decision?

What steps will you take to avoid or mitigate those risks?


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