Clinical Application Project

Due to the pandemic, we will not be able to gather for in-person poster presentations like we have in the past. Instead, students will create a video presentation of their Clinical Application Project and upload to Brightspace by the date listed in the syllabus/course calendar. This brief (no more than 4 minutes) presentation is an overview of your CAP. It will include the following:

This will presentation in person, can you please prepare that I’m present to in person

  • name and clinical location of your     project
  • why this is an important topic for      your clinical area
  • what your literature search      revealed about the topic and the solution
  • how you would specifically      implement your project
  • what future benefits this project      could have on nursing

Be sure and present professionally, as if you were in front of a live audience. This means: well-groomed, including hair pulled back, minimal makeup/jewelry; maintains eye contact with camera; stands still/camera does not sway; speaks clearly and 

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