Coca Cola Business Law

Coca Cola Business Law

The Final Project will consist of a short research report consisting of no less than 5 pages (single spaced) and no more than 8 pages (double spaced), and a bibliography (a list of sources your group consulted in connection with the project).

2. Select a Business Firm (250 words min.)

If you could work for any business firm in the United States or in the whole world, what company you would like to work for after you graduate from college. Explain why you would like to work for this company. By way of example, here is a list of Fortune 100 firms: (Links to an external site.).

3. Existing or Pending Legislation (250 words min.)

  • What is the single-most important law (State, federal, or international) that applies to your business firm? (Put another way, what is the one law that your company has to worry about the most?)
  • What lobbying efforts at the local, State, or federal level is your business firm currently engaged in? (Put differently, what law would the CEO or owner of your business firm like to see enacted in the short or long term?)

4. Litigation Risk (250 words min.)

  • What is the single-most important lawsuit (past, present, or future) that could affect the future of your firm?
  • Is the business firm the plaintiff or the defendant in this case?
  • In your opinion, is this case more likely to settle out of court or go to trial?

5. Contracts (250 words min.)

  • What is the firm’s most important contract or contractual relationship?
  • Who is the other party to the contract, and when was the contract made?
  • What problem is the contract designed to solve?

most-valuable piece of intellectual property

6. Intellectual Property (250 words min.)

  • What is the firm’s single most-valuable piece of intellectual property? Specifically, is it a trade secret, a patent, a copyright, or a trademark?
  • When did the firm acquire the legal rights to this intellectual property?
  • How did the firm acquire the legal rights to this intellectual property, i.e. did it create the IP “in house” or did it acquire the rights to the IP from another firm?

7. Pandemic or “Black Lives Matter” Protests (250 words min.)

  • Legally speaking, how has the coronavirus pandemic or the Black Lives Matters movement affected the firm?
  • How has the firm reacted to the pandemic or to the Black Lives Matters movement?

8. Bibliography

Lastly, be sure to include links or references to any outside sources you may have consulted in preparing the report, such as newspaper and magazine articles, Wikipedia, YouTube, and any other Internet sources.

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