Cognitive Impairment and Anorexia Nervosa DSM Initial Video Diagnoses

Please write a 1-2 page reflection after watching each video clip stating your initial diagnosis with differentials using only what the clip provides. Sometimes in practice we do not have all of the preferred information available and need to proceed with what we have available. List any symptoms that helped you to focus towards your diagnosis and why using the DSM 5. Clearly state what your diagnosis is. Then go ahead and list the differential diagnosis they are considering and give the rationale as to why they are considering those. What pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions would you recommend? Provide rationale and evidence to support your answer. Discuss treatment suggestions you have for this patient which may include medication suggestions with dosages, psychosocial and/or developmental considerations. (MO1, MO2, MO4, MO6, MO7) Include questions that you would want to ask to get more needed information and discuss how the timeline may be necessary to know for a specific diagnosis. As we know, timelines help differentiate disorders ;acute stress DO from PTSD, or schizoaffective versus schizophrenia, etc. To help ensure that you answer all of the required areas of the rubric structure your answers so the questions listed in the case studies are headings with your response under each question.

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