Compositions of Granite and The Compositions of Living Organisms Paper

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A 140 – Reflection Paper #2 – What is Life?

For your second written assignment, do all assigned reading, viewing, and reviewing assignments (texts, articles, Doc Talks, PowerPoints, and videos) for weeks 3 and 4 of the semester. Then, write and submit a 1-3 page (1-page minimum, 3-page maximum) paper in the text box.

In a one to two page paper (one page minimum, three page maximum), list and describe the main differences that exist between a chunk of granite rock and a living organism (such as a dragonfly)? Be sure to consider a. the compositional, and structural differences between silicate minerals that make up granite and the composition of an organism such as a dragonfly, often made up of billions or trillions of cells b. cell theory c. the DNA, RNA, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipid polymers that are critical parts of all organisms e. the various ways in which cells/ organisms utilize energy to: obtain food, take in nutrients, eliminate waste, grow, reproduce, adjust to new environments, etc. f. the evolutionary connectedness of all living things on the great Tree of Life


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