Delivery System

Delivery System

This is a project based course in which you will analyze the case study. You will be doing a piece of your final project during your Lesson each week. The final project will culminate in a 2-Part assignment- a written portion and a presentation. This is a 400 level course. This means the projects are guided, but heavily based on your own research. You should plan to spend additional time each week to complete the Lesson.

During this week you will organize a fundraising campaign for Mercy hospital. Find two NGO ( non-government organizations) that will support your campaign.  Please be creative.   You can raise funds for any hospital department or healthcare related activity (i.e. cancer research, etc.).


Write at least (2) pages, double space, Times New Roman, 12) and attach your work saved it in Word. doc.   You APA formatting 7th edition.    Grade will be marked down for not adhering to APA 7th edition guidelines.

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