Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Step 1:  Please watch this documentary on eating disorders. You may want to take notes, or you can watch it once just for the info, then watch it again when you are ready to answer questions.  Please give yourself enough time to watch all of the documentary, it is almost 2hrs in length.

Step 2:  Copy and paste the questions below into the submission box and then type your answers below each question. Remember, some questions require you to synthesize info from previous chapters.

Critically Evaluate What You Saw

Women featured:  Shelly, Brittany, Alisa, Polly.

  1. What types of purging did you see demonstrated in the documentary?  (You may need to refer back to the readings for examples of types of purging. You may either refer to scenes or names of hospital patients)
  2. Cross application!  Provide some evidence where observational learning occurred in the documentary.  Refer to your readings in chapter 6.
  3. Cross application!  Explain what types of operant conditioning are used to treat the eating disorders of the women in this hospital.  Please refer to the terms discussed in chapter 6 and previous assignments.  Provide examples of at least two different types of operant conditioning.
  4. What questions or feelings are you left with after watching this documentary?
  5. Which woman’s story featured in “Thin” impacted you the most?

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