Environmental Science Statement Of Purpose

Environmental Science Statement Of Purpose


As you continue your studies of environmental science, it is important to consider how you see your future self in the field of environmental science. A strong statement of purpose can contribute to securing a career that is meaningful to you and your professional goals. In a statement of purpose, you can highlight your unique expertise, areas of professional interest, and career goals. The statement of purpose you develop in this assignment could serve as a deliverable to show future employers, or it could even be slightly modified for use as a cover letter.

Create the following:

  • A 300- to 500-word statement discussing your statement of purpose in the field of environmental science
  • A 1- to 2-minute video introduction (something similar to a power point type video)

Include the following in your statement of purpose:

Include the following in your video introduction:

  • A statement of purpose and professional introduction of yourself as an environmental scientist
  • A short summary of the following parts of your statement of purpose:
  • Professional narrative
  • Previous experience
  • Research or career interest
  • Uniqueness and special attributes

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