All the following questions are in relation to the following journal article which is available on Canvas Week 11


  1. What makes this a cross sectional study?
  2. How did the researchers obtain their study sample?
  3. See Table 1, describe the study population?
  4. How many of the study subjects were tested for covid-19?
  5. The researchers administered question about knowledge, practice and attitudes about covid-19. What is the range of possible scores for Knowledge? Practice? Attitudes?
  6. In table 5, use he proportions and p-values to answer the following questions.
    1. Is there a statistically significant difference in the proportion of undergraduates that believe “infection with the virus is associated with stigma” compared to the postgraduates?
    2. Do medical students and allied health students mostly agree that “the current measures taken by the UAE government are effective in stopping the spread of the infection?
    3. State the null hypothesis associated with the p-value calculated for 6b.
  7. What is figure 2B telling you?
  8. What are the three limitation of the study mentioned by the authors?


Please answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper. Include your name and CIN number on your homework assignment. Students are welcome to work in groups to complete homework assignments. However, each student must submit his/her own answers to receive credit. SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK!




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