Fix: Bluetooth wont turn on in Windows 10 11

As The Verge reports, head of devices and Windows Panos Panay advertised the feature at Microsoft’s Build developer conference in May 2022. Any third-party widgets created will also need a companion app for Windows. Elsewhere, Windows 11’s Dynamic Refresh Rate feature is now available.

I’d like to be able to customize pinned apps on the Taskbar and in Start separately across virtual desktops. There’s also a couple of new behaviors for Microsoft Teams users. When in a call, you can now present an app window directly when hovering over an open app icon on the Taskbar, and you can also mute and unmute your microphone directly from the Taskbar.

Way 6: Screenshot on Windows with Windows Logo

Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 with security updates for four years. Windows 10 is slated to continue receiving support until October 14th, 2025. As with all new operating systems, there are a few shiny reasons to upgrade. One of the most notable changes with Windows 11 is how it looks.

  • They also come with several other intuitive features that make them exciting to use.
  • If none of the fixes above resolved your problem, the images not loading issue could be arising because you’re using an outdated version of Microsoft Teams on your desktop.
  • A few thumbnails display correctly but very few and I can’t identify any difference with the files that do display and those that don’t.
  • If you don’t know the exact reason for this issue, you can try these solutions one by one until you find the suitable one.

Voice typing (which is useful for both tablets and non-tablets) is the new name for Windows 10’s fantastic speech dictation tool. Windows’ voice-to-text feature has improved remarkably in recent years and now uses machine learning algorithms to correct its guesses and punctuation. As with the previous dictation feature, you press the Windows Key-H keyboard shortcut or press the on-screen touch keyboard’s mic icon to launch the tool. Then you simply dictate the text you want to enter in the on-screen text area.

Updates to Windows 10 versions 20H2, 21H1, and 21H2

If your thumbnails are no longer displaying, it is likely because of a recent update or file corruption on your system. If the above solutions fail to resolve the thumbnails not showing issue on Windows, then malware may affect your PC. You can try running a thorough scan of your PC using Windows Defender or any of your preferred anti-virus programs to verify that.

It gets the job done, but as you can see the readout is a bit confusing and the command very complex and unmemorable. You can continue to the next steps for a more intuitive method. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, however, the process to do so isn’t particularly intuitive. There’s no “version” button to click, as .NET isn’t an application, and it won’t show up in your Apps & Features menu.

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