Food Fraud Prevention Policy Strategy & Decision Making Summary

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The instructions for Literature Assignment#2 are as follows. (The instruction is similar to your Literature Assignment#1-part 2).

1. Before selecting articles for your own assignment, your group should have a discussion to break the topic into several subtopics. Each student is responsible for researching one subtopic. In this case, your group can avoid overlapped topics and articles.

2. Search two peer-reviewed articles related to the subtopic you are responsible for. One article must be a primary research (original research) article. The other article can be either a primary research article or a scientific review. The articles should be published within 10 years. The following databases are usually used for researching peer-reviewed articles related to food toxicology (you may also find articles from other databases):

3. Make sure the articles were published within 10 years (2011- 2020).

4. You will read, summarize and evaluate the articles. For more guidance, read the following link:

– Understanding Scientific Studies (published in EUFIC) (Links to an external site.)

– Reviewing review articles, part 2: The how (Links to an external site.)

5. The summary will be 2 pages long (around 400 words, type double-spaced) including:

  • the title, authors, when and where the article was published (just like the format for Literature Assignment#1)
  • the summary and evaluation of the primary research article : What is the purpose of the study? How did the authors test the hypothesis (briefly summarize the experiments)? What is/are the major finding(s) of the study Do you find any limitations of the study? Your comment on the quality of this study?
  • If your second article is a scientific review, summarize the purpose of the review, key findings for subtopics, and your comment on the quality of this review.

6. This summary will serve as a basis for your group presentationTwo weeks before your group presentation, upload your Literature Assignment #2. Please also upload the two full text articles being selected for this assignment to “Literature Assignment#2: full text article collection box”.

7. Grading: 20 points each summary (two summaries: 20×2 = 40 points)

My main topic is food adulteration, and my subtopic is prevention of food fraud, please do the research and summary based on the subtopic.

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