Food quality management

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Food Quality Management Coursework Assignment #2 Guiding Questions

 Structure the content of your technical report so that each of the following guiding questions are answered.

  1.  Using actual cases, discuss and illustrate the difference between an incident that (i) breaches current, legal food safety requirements and (ii) is a clear case of food fraud and adulteration.
  2. Identify what is known about each case, how it happened, how it was identified, what the outcomes were and what change(s) resulted from the incidents.

3..Compare and contrast what a named third-party standard requires a food company to do to mitigate breach of food safety and food fraud and adulteration in their products.

4.What are the similarities and differences?

5..Reflecting on your findings in question 2, critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of

  • a risk assessment tool for managing food safety hazards
  • a risk assessment tool used for managing food fraud and adulteration threats.




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