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CO #6: Examine contributions nursing research has made to nursing practice, patient education, and to health care.

Information: Nurses must understand research in order to effectively participate in the provision of evidence-based nursing care. As a student nurse, learning to be a lifelong learner and integrating evidence based research into your daily routine is important. A provider who incorporates evidence based approaches to practice seeks the best, most current evidence available to make judgments, apply clinical expertise while integrating the client’s values and beliefs into decisions about their care. The purpose of this assignment is to investigate the research process while completing a critical examination of qualitative or quantitative research relative to a current nursing issue or practice. The goal is for student to further investigate the research process, improve knowledge of evidence based practice, refine information literacy skills, understand research and engage in activities to become a lifelong learner.

This assignment encourages students to investigate each step of the research process and complete a critical examination of quantitative and/or qualitative research relevant to their nursing practice. Nurses must understand research in order to effectively participate in the provision of evidence-based nursing care.

Objectives of this assignments are to:

· Value the concept of EBP as integral to determining best clinical practice

· Develop & Demonstrate scholarly writing skills



Outcome: Students will integrate best current evidence with clinical expertise, patient/family preferences and values for delivery of optimal nursing care while incorporating strategies of lifelong learning.







1. Formulate a research question from a recent clinical experience (PICO or PICOT structure)

2. Search for Evidence-Identify 5 or more peer reviewed research articles (within 5 years) pertaining to your research question. At least 2 most be original research

Lifelong learning opportunities

· Locate available resources

· Search databases (i.e. CINAHL, PubMed, Ebsco, etc.)

· Journal articles


3. Review and assess the evidence learned


4. Identify what type of research would be most appropriate for studying this issue and why (i.e. Qualitative or quantitative). Also include, if similar research was completed what method/techniques would you use to gather data (i.e.- experiments, focus groups, case studies etc.). Please include a rationale

Reflection- Write a 2-3 page reflection in APA on the following:

· How you would integrate the results of the of literature assessment into practice, taking into consideration the patient’s preference, evidence learned from peer reviewed articles, and your clinical experience. Specifically address how you would incorporate what you learned in practice (i.e. patient education, change in practice etc.). Include any anticipated challenges with implementation or how barriers can be overcome to improve practice.

· Please include information in the reflection on how you will utilize this dynamic process of questioning, learning and obtaining knowledge in the future as a lifelong learner.


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