health information

Evidence-based health information


Please use APA format guidelines to answer the questions. You do not need a cover page if your name is on each page as the RUNNING HEAD. Include the question number and question, then, answer below each question using APA format (double spaced, appropriate font, cite sources).

Include an APA style REFERENCE PAGE at the end. Textbook and scholarly sources may be used.


  1. What are determinates of health and indicators of health and illness related to populations?
  2. Describe Healthy People and provide examples of the major categories that encompass health objectives.
  3. List the three levels of prevention and provide examples of each.
  4. Compare the historical focus of public health on acute disease conditions with our 21st century focus on prevention and chronic disease.
  5. Identify evidence-based sources of information that can be used to collect data about a community’s health.
  6. Describe the community health nurse’s role in health planning, implementation, and evaluation.
  7. How does epidemiology play a role in public health?
  8. Explain the modes of transmission of infectious diseases and provide examples.
  9. Describe types of immunity, including herd immunity.
  10. Review schedules of immunization, and recommendations for all age groups in the United States. On a separate page, make a chart to indicate each age group and recommendations.
  11. Describe the legal responsibility related to communicable diseases in the United States. Provide examples of reportable diseases.
  12. Identify nursing activities for control of infectious diseases at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention.
  13. How are people at different levels of risk across the lifespan?
  14. Discuss impacts of environmental health and the relationship to risk.
  15. Discuss the future of healthcare delivery as it relates to community health.

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